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Details for VIN #8R01C124554
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Owner: Janice Brulc
Location: CA, USA
VIN: 8R01C124554
Year: 1968 GT/CS
Body: 65A
Color: Y
Trim: 2Y
Day, Month: 04,A
DSO: 74
Axle: 2
Trans: W
Original Owner?: unknown
Originally Sold Where?: unknown
Stripe Color: Black
Antenna Base: Round
Fog Lights: Lucas
Rear Quarter Reflector: recessed
Wheels: standard
Vinyl Top: YES - BLACK
Comp. Handling Package: NO
Power Disc Brakes: YES
Power Steering: Y
GT Equipment: N
Accent Paint Stripe: Y
Front Bumper Guards: N
Rear Bumper Guards: N
Exterior Decor Group: N
Luggage Rack: N
Remote Mirror: Y

Additional Comments: I will update items I am not possitive on, such as steering wheel options, wheel style is original ( will try to find original beauty rings and GT center caps) Have spare rear-end. I am third owner. Has been repainted twice. Restored to Factory Original Nugget Gold.


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