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Details for VIN #8R01C147823
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Owner: David Athans
Location: CA, USA
VIN: 8R01C147823
Year: 1968 GT/CS
Body: 65A
Color: R
Trim: 2A
Day, Month: 07,C
DSO: 71
Axle: 2
Trans: W
Original Owner?: unknown
Originally Sold Where?: unknown
Stripe Color: White
Antenna Base: Round
Fog Lights: Lucas
Rear Quarter Reflector: attached
Wheels: spoked
Vinyl Top: YES - BLACK
Comp. Handling Package: NO
Power Disc Brakes: YES
Power Steering: Y
GT Equipment: N
Accent Paint Stripe: Y
Front Bumper Guards: Y
Rear Bumper Guards: Y
Exterior Decor Group: N
Luggage Rack: N
Remote Mirror: Y

Additional Comments: I am the third owner of the car. It was originally a 289 and the odometer had rolled over at least once. I got the worst performance out of it...then we reused the block and heads and got a summit 347 stroker kit. Had threaded rocker arm studs put in the heads, unleaded valve seats, valve job, stage I port & polished, milled 25 thousandths for 58cc (11.0:1) compression. Put a Performer RPM intake manifold and holley 670 street avenger 4-barrel carb. MSD 6AL, with Pro-billet distributor and timing control from inside the car. The cam is a hydraulic with .480"lift and 230 duration at .050" (I and E) done by Camonics. Blueprinted and balanced with hypereutectic pistons. The original C4 automatic went with the new engine because we had a streetfighter 3200rmp stall converter put in without a cooler so it got fried. Then we got a fully manual valve body C4 with 26 spline output shaft, with a Continental 2500rpm stall, and a B&M quicksilver ratchet shifter. My exhaust is full length super competition hooker headers with two channel flowmasters out the back. I have literally replaced every part on the car except the brakes which i plan on getting bigger front discs with the new rims & tires space allowing. We plan on putting a ford 9" with 4.11 and auburn limited slip with 31 spline axles, but as of now it is the stock 8" with 2.79 open ended and i have 205/70R14 tires. With what i have right now the car has run 14.64 @lacr with that rear end and those rear tires with incorrect timing and fuel unopened headers. I went through the lights in my second gear at 6000rpm. my 60 is 2.4 seconds...with slicks and some traction and gears..this baby will do 12s. with 11.0:1 compression with cast iron heads, i have to run the timing at about 6degrees with nos octane booster in order to avoid pinging. With 101 octane gas i can crank up the timing to 14 degrees initial advance. Unfortunately my progress on the car was impeded when a stupid woman crashed into it while it was parked and her insurance appraiser didnt catch that the rear end was off center by 1" and before i found out i snapped three u-joints and had major vibration problems this caused motor mount bolts to come out, blew the front pump seal in the tranny, dog tracking down the dragstrip. It was originally dark green, but i had it painted black twice and now it has stylish stripes. With a 160 degree thermostat and a 3 core radiator the car still will overheat idling during hot days. I originally wanted to get the A/C going and spent over $1000 getting a new compressor, condensor, dryer cylinder, freon, duct work..with all that done the air would be cold but it wouldnt even blow out hard enough to hit you in the face, so later i pulled it all out for extra hp and weight. now i just roll with the windows down. I am planning to put 275/40ZR17s on the back and they do fit because i had the inside of the fenders tucked up. I love this car and it gets looks whereever i sounds like a monster and i can shut down most cars now, and with the 4.11s i will have 1.5 times the torque so i will be almost unbeatable.


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