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Details for VIN #8R01C149857
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Owner: Donna Culwell
Location: CA, USA
VIN: 8R01C149857
Year: 1968 GT/CS
Body: 65A
Color: I
Trim: 2G
Day, Month: 13,C
DSO: 71
Axle: 2
Trans: W
Original Owner?: unknown
Originally Sold Where?: Los Angeles
Stripe Color: White
Antenna Base: Round
Fog Lights: Lucas
Rear Quarter Reflector: attached
Wheels: styledsteel-chrome/GT
Vinyl Top: NO
Comp. Handling Package: NO
Power Disc Brakes: NO
Power Steering: Y
GT Equipment: N
Accent Paint Stripe: N
Front Bumper Guards: Y
Rear Bumper Guards: Y
Exterior Decor Group: Y
Luggage Rack: N
Remote Mirror: N

Additional Comments: I have added the Styled steel wheels (chrome) with GT center caps. They are Reproductions tho. I have the original dash pad as well, it is not warped at all. (unusual!) I have replaced the am radio with a Custom Sound am-fm cassette player, but I kept the original radio.I think I am third owner, this was my first car. I have always wondered about the word "original". Do you mean as in straight from the factory and NEVER replaced? or does that mean ,replaced, but with reproduction or original used parts?If the latter is so, (original used) then can I say it has original parts? My car is stock as well,and nothing fancy. I beleive it had the deluxe seat belts, because the indicater light is on the dash, but Ive only got the bracket on the headliner, no belts up there. The deluxe steering wheel means what? I have the pad with horn ring and all , but no tilt away or cruise.Thanks!


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