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Details for VIN #8R01C150097
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Owner: Tim Sullivan
Location: CA, USA
VIN: 8R01C150097
Year: 1968 GT/CS
Body: 65A
Color: F
Trim: 2A
Day, Month: 14,C
DSO: 71
Axle: 2
Trans: W
Original Owner?: unknown
Originally Sold Where?: Los Angeles (1969)
Stripe Color: Black
Antenna Base: Round
Fog Lights: Lucas
Rear Quarter Reflector: attached
Wheels: standard
Vinyl Top: NO
Comp. Handling Package: NO
Power Disc Brakes: YES
Power Steering: Y
GT Equipment: N
Accent Paint Stripe: N
Front Bumper Guards: Y
Rear Bumper Guards: Y
Exterior Decor Group: N
Luggage Rack: N
Remote Mirror: Y

Additional Comments: I picked this car up through a family connection (my brothers grandmother through marriage). She was the second owner. She bought it in L.A. from the original owner in 1977. She kept it in original condition and took good care of it until her health started to fail. It then sat neglected for ten years from 1991-2001. Im in the process of replacing a lot of stuff. At least one mystery exists: The VIN implies a 289, but the engine has a 302 air cleaner with the approp. year sticker. I have not determined yet if its a 289 with the wrong air cleaner; its an engine swap; or a VIN mistake.


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