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Details for VIN #8R01c141596
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Owner: Pippin Cavagnaro
Location: CA, USA
VIN: 8R01c141596
Year: GT/CS
Body: 65A
Color: I
Trim: 2G
Day, Month: 13,B
DSO: 72
Axle: 2
Trans: W
Original Owner?: Unknown
Originally Sold Where?: San Rafael, CA., I believe
Stripe Color: white
Antenna Base: round
Fog Lights: Marchall
Rear Quarter Reflector: recessed
Wheels: unknown
Vinyl Top: no
Comp. Handling Package: Y
Power Disc Brakes: N
Power Steering: Y
GT Equipment: N
Accent Paint Stripe: Y
Front Bumper Guards: Y
Rear Bumper Guards: N
Exterior Decor Group: N
Luggage Rack: N
Remote Mirror: N
Sholder belts in front, no rear arm rests, two tone green doors and seat light on sides dark in center, dark green carpet, light green headliner, the dash appears black, oil pressure guage, hood locks, maybe all standard just thought i would comment. Glove box just says Mustange with a red horse (actually on the black panel above the glove box.)

Additional Comments: I do not know what the exterior decore pachage is? The basic stripe is white, but i do know know it it was painted or a sticker. Dont know if there were any other stripes. The suspension feels stiffer then stock, but not as stiff as my 68 Torino GT 390 car. It has 4 leafs in the back and about 10 or 11 coils on the spring. It is stiffer in the front than other mustanges from the era i have been around. This needs to be researched further. I am the 4th owner, i blieve i can track down all three precious owners. The car has 68,225 miles on it. I belive the radiator may not be stock but most everything else may be, including possibly the rusted out single muffler, but i also need to research that.


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