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This site is dedicated to the limited edition 1968 California Special and 1966-1968 High Country Special Mustangs as well as the more recent 2007-2009, 2011-2014, 2016-2021 GT/CS models. Although many Mustang enthusiasts have heard or read about these rare cars, there is still surprisingly little information about them on the web. And what little is there is often misleading or just plain incorrect. The purpose of this site is to provide accurate information about these cars through the friendly atmosphere of our forums.



The forums are the core of this online community of Mustang enthusiasts. Register for free and ask questions, give answers or just chat. Take advantage of the collective experience and wisdom of fellow GT/CS and HCS owners in the forum.


Have a car for sale? Need to get rid of some parts? Check out the free classifieds page! Buy and sell cars, parts, literature, etc. related specifically to the GT/CS and HCS.


Show off what's in your Garage. Add your GT/CS or HCS and help add to a powerful searchable database of these special cars.


Upload photos and share the story of your "Special" in the Member Gallery. (You must be logged in as a forum member to add photos)


Here you'll find various resources related to the GT/CS and HCS including registry contact information, data plate decoders, suggested reading materials and links specific to these cars.


What makes a "Special" so special? For each year and model you'll find an indepth, piece-by-piece, explanation of the features and parts that made these cars so unique. Included are tips and photos to help identify both the California Specials and High Country Specials.


Browse through scans of vintage newspaper ads, dealer brochures, advertisements and articles related to the GT/CS and HCS Mustangs.


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