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A special thanks goes out to Mark Hartman for allowing this site to display the collection of High Country Special documentation he's managed to dig up. Hours upon hours were spent at the University of Wyoming microfilm machine researching vintage copies of the Rocky Mountain News. He was able to piece together some great news articles and dealer advertisements from the local Denver market.

Mark bought his first 1968 HCS in 1982 in Denver. It had a 289 engine and some non-factory items including a 4-spd toploader, 4 barrel carb, dual exhaust and overhead/floor consoles.

So thanks to Mark for putting this info on the web (way back in 1995) and for letting it be housed here on

1968 High Country Special

1968 High Country Special article
1968 HCS article
1968 High Country Special dealer advertisment
1968 HCS dealer advertisement
1968 High Country Special Flyer from Continental Divide Raceway, the night before the HCS went on sale to the public
Continental Divide Raceway Flyer

1967 High Country Special

1967 HCS dealer ad
1967 HCS on the assembly line
1967 HCS fender emblem

There was a big publicity and sales promotion event that occured in July of 1967. An entire trainload of Mustangs were shipped to Denver at that time and some or possibly all of the High Country Specials built that year were on board.

Another train load of Mustangs also were shipped that month. This time the train was filmed for use in a television commercial and had hundreds of Mustangs on board along with one Brinks armored truck, supposedly filled with a million dollars. These stories appeared in the railroad magazine put out by Western Pacific. It was called "Mileposts". Here is page one of that story and here is page two.

1966 High Country Special

1966 HCS dealer ad
1966 HCS dealer ad, Gillette Wyoming
1966 HCS fender emblem
1966 HCS window sticker
Phil Long Ford advertisement

1967 Ski Country Special

1967 Ski Country Special ad
1967 Ski Country Special badge
Ski Country Special badge on trunk
Ski Country Special flag (antenna?)
The Denver dealers also created a promotional package for 1967 called the Ski Country Special available during the winter of that year and the following colors were made available: Aspen Red, Vail Blue, Winter Park Turquoise, Loveland Green and Breckenridge Yellow. This promotion was not limited to the Mustang and was available on the Galaxie and Fairlane models as well.
  • The qualifying Ski Country equipment included: ski rack, "coffee bar" (luggage rack), limited slip axle, special emblem, and two snow tires. The ads appeared in the Dec. 8th 1966 Rocky Mountain News. The ad appears again on the 9th, the 10th and the 15th of December also. Anyone know any more about these cars?

  • Full page Ski Country Special advertisement
  • Factory Ski Country Special window sticker
  • The Ski Country Special also appears to have come with an antenna flag with SCS logo. Thanks to forum member the stang for the badge, trunk lid and flag photos.


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