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1966-1967 HCS Identification

One of the very first limited edition Mustangs produced was the 1966-1967 High Country Special. Lesser known than it's later cousins (the 1968 GT/CS and HCS) the 1966-1967 HCS package was a regional promotion Mustang brought about by the Denver area Ford dealers. The package was simple with just two key features; special paint and fender mounted brass shields. The 1966-67 HCS package was available on all body styles, all engines and all options. This a key difference from the later 1968 versions which were only available as coupes.

1966-1967 High Country Special Paint Colors

Aspen Gold
Columbine Blue
Timberline Green
The 1966-1967 HCS was available in one of three special paint colors. Keeping with the regional theme these colors all had names fitting to the Colorado area; Aspen Gold, Columbine Blue, Timberline Green.

 Ford Paint #Dupont #Ditzler (PPG) # **
1966-1967 Aspen GoldMX 70881593-9670581434
1966-1967 Columbine BlueMX 7008527575711666
1966 Timberline GreenMX 704127876358-H42750
1967 Timberline GreenMX 704153793-8378942854

** Thanks to for the Ditzler/PPG paint numbers.

The key to identifying a 1966-67 HCS is it's unique six digit DSO and blank paint color code on the data place. The first two digits of the DSO will be 51 indicateing the Denver sales district. The next 4 digits indicate one of the three special order paint colors. Because of this special order the paint code area on the door data plate will be blank.

High Country Special examples from site members:

1966-1967 High Country Special Fender Emblem

1966 HCS emblem. Columbine Blue
1966 HCS emblem. Timberline Green
1967 HCS emblem. Note '67 year added.
Other than special paint the 1966-67 HCS cars also received special emblems (or badges). These shield shaped brass emblems featured the familiar running pony over a mountain skyline. Below the mountains was the text, "High Country Special". In 1967 the emblem was revised to also include the year. The 1966 didn't indicate the year.

These emblems were supposed to be fastened to each front fender at the dealership. However it appears some dealers either didn't follow instructions or just wanted to be different because some cars had these added to the dash or simply had them eliminated all together.


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