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1968 GT/CS Ads, Brochures & Literature

Following are scans of vintage newspaper ads and dealer brochures for the 1968 California Special Mustang.

Dealer Ads & Newspaper Articles

1968 GT/CS ad
1968 GT/CS news article
1968 GT/CS ad
1968 GT/CS Ford advertisement
1968 GT/CS Cutter Ford ad
Cutter Ford newspaper ad
1968 GT/CS Galpin ad
Galpin full page newspaper ad
1968 GT/CS Galpin ad
Blowup of same Galpin ad

1968 GT/CS Galpin ad
Wahlstrom Ford Nebraska ad
1968 GT/CS Galpin ad
Deadwood Auto, North Dakota ad
1968 GT/CS Galpin ad
Frontier Ford, Rapid City ad
1968 GT/CS Galpin ad
Frontier Ford, Casper WY ad
Since the entire idea of the GT/CS was to boost regional sales, the California Ford dealerships took out several newspaper ads to tout the special model. The tag line of "California Made it Happen!" told local CA buyers that they were getting something special just for them. Dealer ads above include Galpin Ford (still in business!), Cutter Ford and Hensley-Anderson Ford (no longer in business).

1968 GT/CS Sales Brochure

Cover, unfolded
Interior, unfolded
Detail of interior (top)
Detail of interior (bottom)
This was a fold out sales brochure for the 1968 California Special. It featured the GT/CS tagline, "California Made it Happen" on the cover. It then unfolded to reveal a detailed description of the GT/CS package as well as several of the Mustang options that could be ordered with the car. Size is 8 1/2"x11" when folded up and 17"x22" when completely unfolded.

1968 Mustang Factory Sales Brochures

Above is the 1968 Mustang factory sales brochure available from the dealer. Although not specific to the California Special, it shows factory options, engine choices, standard equipment and specifications for the 1968 Mustang. For the most part these all apply to the GT/CS & HCS cars as well.


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