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2007-2009, 2011 GT/CS Identification

The 2007+ GT California Special package starts out as a GT coupe or convertible. This is a contrast to the original 1968 GT/CS which was available as a coupe only and wasn't necessarily a GT unless ordered specifically with that package. The GT/CS package is available in all 50 states and was originally considered for a one year only limited run in 2007. However, due to it's popularity Ford continued the GT/CS for 2008, 2009, 2011 & 2012 at least.

Paint Colors

The late model GT/CS was not available in all standard Mustang paint colors, probably due to a combination of the side stripes and interior choices. Following are the different colors available each year with the GT California Special package.
  • 2007 GT/CS colors - Vista Blue (G9), Performance White (HP), Redfire (G2), Black (UA) - All colors come with black (85X) stripe only
  • 2008 GT/CS colors - Vista Blue (G9), Performance White (HP), Dark Candy Apple Red (JV), Black (UA) or Grabber Orange (U3) - All colors come with black (85X) stripe only
  • 2009 GT/CS colors - Vista Blue (G9), Performance White (HP), Dark Candy Apple Red (JV), Black (UA) or Vapor Silver (ZY) - Stripe color choice of Black (85X) or White (852) except White paint requires black stripe
  • 2011 GT/CS colors - Performance White (HP), Red Candy (U6), Black (UA), Ingot Silver (UX), Grabber Blue (CI) or Race Red (PQ) - All colors come with black stripe only or stripe delete


2007 Black & Parchment Interior
Unique GT/CS two-tone seats
Photos courtesy of PonyGirl
2011 GT/CS logo floor mats
The 2007-2009 GT/CS featured a special interior in either Black/Dove or Black/Parchment color schemes. This included two-tone GT leather seats and floor mats. Starting in 2011 the GT/CS interior had several refinements from previous years. It was available in Charcoal Black only and had "GT/CS" embossed on the seat backs. The GT leather seats included carbon inserts as did the door panels and dash, including a GT/CS logo on the passenger side dash. The GT/CS logo also appeared on special floor mats in 2011-2012.


2007-2009 GT/CS Stripe
2011-2012 GT/CS Stripe
2007-2009 GT/CS Side Scoop
Being an appearance package, the heart of the GT/CS is it’s unique look. One of the most noticeable features is the side stripes (body tape stripes) including the letters “GT/CS” on the front fender. These and the non-functional side scoops are the most obvious nod to the original 1968 California Special. For 2007 & 2008 the only stripe color available was black, which gave a “ghosted” appearance on black cars. In 2009 white stripes were introduced as an option.

2007-2009 GT/CS Front Fascia
2007-2009 GT/CS Rear Fascia
2007-2009 GT/CS Faux Gas Cap
The front and rear fascias are also unique to the GT California Special. The front featured a chin spoiler that was 1 ½” lower than the standard GT. The rear fascia had a race car like “diffuser” similar to the GT500 Shelby. Through this rear fascia exited dual bright rolled exhaust tips. The back end treatment was topped off by a faux gas cap (emblem) centered in the trunk lid with “California Special” text surrounding the GT logo. This was another styling cue taken from the original 1968 GT/CS.

2011 GT/CS chrome grille w/ running pony emblem
2011 GT/CS Faux Gas Cap
The 2011 GT California Special had many of the same exterior features carried over from 2007-2009, but applied to the new Mustang body style introduced in 2010. The side scoops and body tape stripes remained very similar, but with an updated “GT/CS” font on the front fender stripe. The front and rear fascias were also unique in 2011, but the GT/CS that year also received a special chrome billet grille with a tri-bar running horse emblem offset to the driver’s side. Fog lights moved from grille to the lower front fascia. For the rear of the 2011 GT/CS a pedestal spoiler was added along with decklid tape applique. The faux gas cap emblem on the trunk was similar to 2007-2009, but with a traditional Mustang running horse logo in the center in lieu of the GT logo.


2007-2009 GT/CS wheels
2011 GT/CS wheels
One of the most noticeable features of the GT/CS (aside from the side stripes) are the unique wheels. The 2007-2009 GT/CS package included 5-spoke 18” polished aluminum wheels with center cap featuring the classic running pony logo. The design is similar to the classic Torq-Thrust wheels from the 60’s. The same wheel was optional with the GT package, but included with the GT/CS.

In 2011 the GT/CS wheel changed to a 19”x8.5” machined aluminum wheels with argent painted accents. Center caps have the running pony logo. This wheel was exclusive to the GT/CS package.

Engine & Drivetrain

Since the GT/CS package is based on the GT Premium package it already received the top of the line engine offered. For 2007-2009 this was the 4.6L 3V V-8 rated at 300 hp and 320 lb-ft or torque. Transmission choices were between the TR3650 5 speed manual or the SR55S 5 speed automatic. Standard rear axle ratio was 3.31:1 with an option of 3.55:1 gears when ordered with a manual transmission.

For 2011 the GT/CS package included the new 5.0L 4V Ti-VCT V-8 engine. Power output increased significantly to 412 hp and 390 ft lb of torque. This new 5.0 was mated to either a 6 speed manual transmission or 6 speed automatic. Standard rear gear ratio was 3.15:1 for automatics and 3.31:1 for manuals. Coupes with manual transmissions could also opt for either a 3.55:1 or 3.73:1 differential.


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