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Price Guide - 1968 GT/California Specials

Special thanks to site member StraightSix for putting together the following pricing guide in 2003.

How to use this price guide:

  1. Select the Condition Category of the car.
  2. Find the Base Value of that car from Table 1, based on its Condition Category.
  3. Add the value of any options found in Table 2 to the Base Value of the Car. Note that the conditions listed in Table 2 correspond to the condition of the car, not the condition of the component. These component values reflect the value added to the car, not the value of the component itself, and they depreciate along with the car based on the car's condition.
  4. Enjoy knowing what your car is worth! 1

Condition Categories:

CONCOURSE: Nearly perfect condition. The vehicle has usually been professionally restored to the current highest standards, but a few exceptionally well cared-for original cars may qualify. All components are original or are an exact replacement. Most "concourse" cars are not driven more than a few miles per year, if at all. There are vehicles, usually due to an interesting history or special circumstances, which sell for more than the "concourse" figure, but they are extremely rare and would require extensive documentation.

EXCELLENT: Very nice condition. In fact, most casual observers would describe the vehicle as "concourse." "Excellent" cars show very little wear and are driven sparingly. Many are used as weekend drivers. Many older restorations fall into this category.

GOOD: Nice condition. Daily driver with minor cosmetic or mechanical restoration completed.

FAIR: Presentable condition. Runs and drives and will pass a state safely inspection. Generally in need of a cosmetic restoration, but not a "basket case".

POOR: Non-running condition or "clunker" running condition. Not safe for the road. These are commonly referred to as "beaters." Major cosmetic restoration needed.

Table 1: Base Value
Base Value
Pricing Source Poor Fair Good Excellent Concourse
Feb. 1998 Mustang Monthly 3 NA $5,738 NA $9,563 $14,822

StraightSix 2003

$3,500 $5,500 $8,000 $10,000 ???

Table 2: Option Values
  StraightSix 2003 Values 4
Options Poor Fair Good Exc/Conc.

Air Conditioning

$75 $150 $250 $350

GT Equipment

$600 $1199 $1444 $2044

Deluxe lnterior

$136 $273 $545 $790

200 CID inline 6

$-500 $-1000 $-1500 $-2000

302-4V CID V-8 (J)

$500 $1000 $1000 $1000

390-2V CID V-8 (X)

$899 $1199 $1962 $3107

390-4V CID V-8 (S)

$1124 $1499 $2453 $3883

Original Marchal Fog Lights

$450 $600 $800 $1000

4-speed Manual Transmission

$500 $1000 $1500 $2000
1 Please note that all of the information, including valuation, contained herein is to be used as a guide only. While every effort was made to accurately represent the data that was compiled, these values may not necessarily represent actual market value of the vehicles described. Neither the creator (StraightSix) nor this web site may be held responsible for losses that may occur in the purchase, sale, or other transaction of items because of information contained herein. Users who discover errors are invited to contact the creator or publisher via email. The creator can be reached at bigtigrrr@[no-spam]yahoo.com and the contact information for the publisher in contained on this website. In order to reach the creator via email, remove the "[no-spam]" portion of the email address before sending.

2 Descriptions are based on those published in the February 1998 issue of Mustang Monthly magazine. In some cases, these descriptions have been altered to fit a revised category system, and may not necessarily correspond to the originally published category.

3 The terms used to describe condition may differ from those published in the February 1998 issue of Mustang Monthly. However, the description of condition and the corresponding value have been preserved as much as possible while being fit into StraightSix's revised category system. The values have also been adjusted based on an estimated annual inflation rate of 2.5%

4 Some values were derived from those published in the February 1998 issue of Mustang Monthly but have been altered to more closely reflect values observed in today's marketplace.


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