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California Special Registry
High Country Special Registry
GT/California Special Recognition Guide
GT/CS 1996 Registry
Vehicle Reports:
Marti Auto Works
Ford CAC (or "History 999") Report
Data Plate Decoders
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GT/CS Registry
Arlie Moses
Forum User: Mosesatm
The 1968 California Special Registry is currently run by Arlie Moses, who took over as of March, 2018 and continues the efforts of previous registrars Mike Jewell, Paul M. Newitt (1988-2011), Craig Zelinski and Michael Dobbins. My sincere thanks go out to Mike Jewell for taking over this important position and all the behind the scenes work that goes along with it. I would also like to thank previous Registrar Paul M. Newitt for the determination, patience and enthusiasm he's shown over his 23+ years as Registrar. He has done a huge amount of work gathering and compiling GT/CS owner surveys, researching and interviewing Ford designers and engineers and promoting awareness of these rare cars.
High Country Special Registry
Marty Rupp
101 Pleasant View Circle
Weeping Water, NE 68463
Forum User: Ruppstang
July, 2016 - The 1966-1968 High Country Special Registry is now run by Marty Rupp. He graciously accepted the baton being passed from former Registrar Bob Teets. Thank you Bob for all your years of work, passion and dedication on this Registry! You've been an amazing resource and wealth of information on the very rare HCS cars.


Previous GT/CS Registrar Paul M. Newitt has published three California Special books. They are excellent resources and a must have for the GT/CS or HCS enthusiast.

GT/California Special Recognition Guide & Owner's Manual

This is the first GT/CS book Paul published in 1988. It's 66 pages with a glossy color cover. It includes a very detailed history on the how the GT/CS came about, who was involved and how Ford marketed this new car. This book also includes survey information and analysis of the 375+ cars that were in the Registry in 1988. It goes on to discuss each of the unique GT/CS components including photos, diagrams, part numbers and tips on restoration. Highly recommended. Unfortunately this book has been out of print for quite a while.

GT/CS 1996 Registry

This is the second GT/CS book Paul published in 1996. It's 140 pages with a grey card stock cover. This is a suppliment to the original Recognition Guide. The bulk of this book is the actual registry itself containing a list of over 700 cars that were in the Registry as of 1996. In addition to updated registry news and photos, it includes a great section on concours show rules and guidelines. This is a nice resource to have on hand when car show judges question you. Other excellent features of this book included how-to's on grille and tail light restoration, a list of other GT/CS resources, and rare factory blue prints of some of the original GT/CS parts. Great reference book for the GT/CS or HCS owner. Unfortunately this book is out of print and Paul doesn't have any copies left. eBay or other sources for used books may be your only bet.

Mustang GT/CS Recognition Guide and Pwner's Manual (2011)

This third and final GT/CS book was published by Paul in 2011. It's an impressive 224 page, all color hard bound volume. The black cover has the GT/CS text in silver foil, while the rear cover features the late model GT/CS text. This subtle artwork hints at the fact that this new book covers not only the classic 1968 model, but also the 2007 and later California Special cars. As with the earlier two books this one contains a list of all the cars in the Registry at that time. But the Registry data is only a small portion of the book; the rest being devoted to the history, details, recognition and restoration of these limited edition Mustangs. Copies can be purchased by visiting


Standard Marti Report
Standard Marti Report
Deluxe Marti Report
Deluxe Marti Report

Marti Auto Works Reports

Have you ever wished you could:
  • Verify your GT/CS or HCS?
  • List your factory options?
  • Prove that car you're buying is for real?
  • Get a copy of your original window sticker?
Now you can! Marti Auto Works is the only company licensed to access Ford's entire vehicle data base for 67-73 models. This means they can provide you with accurate information most Mustang enthusiasts never thought possible.

Different levels of detailed reports are offered showing everything from what options your car came with to how many were made in your car's color, engine, etc. The most detailed report even gives you a copy of your original window sticker!

Kevin Marti offers 3 levels of reports; Standard, Deluxe and Elite. Click here for Marti Auto Works.

Ford CAC Report
CAC Report

Ford CAC Report (aka History 999)

A while ago Ford began offering these free reports based on your Mustang's VIN. While it's not an extremely detailed report, it will give you some basic info like decoding your data plate and listing some of your cars original options. Unfortunately Ford isn't extremely careful with these reports. I have had 2 out of 3 cars listed with incorrect options. Others have mentioned similar problems to me. But then again, it's free!

Although they are somewhat inconsistent, they do seem to list a "California Option" or "California Mustang Promo" on most GT/CS cars. Unfortunately for High Country Special owners, the is no mention of this option. (Note: Kevin Marti's reports do list the HCS option. See above.) You can see a sample CAC report by clicking on the image to the left.

To get your free report you need to call or write Ford and supply them with your VIN, name and mailing address. Mention that you are interested in their "VIN report" provided by their "Customer Assistance Center" or "Technical Research Center." Calling is best, but don't expect the operator will know what you're looking for. You have to be persistant. The reports usually take 4-8 weeks to arrive.

Ford Motor Company Customer Assistance Center 300 Renaissance Center P.O. Box # 43360 Detroit, MI 48243 (800) 392-3673 or (313) 322-3000


These decoders are a little different because they allow you to see all the data choices with out having to know the codes. Because of this they're good decoders to help you work backwards if you're missing your data plate.


These decoders are a little different because they allow you to see all the data choices with out having to know the codes. Because of this they're good decoders to help you work backwards if you're missing your data plate.
  • Steve's HCS Page - Photos and info on Steve's '66 High Country Special as well as vintage ads and articles about the HCS.
  • - 1969 Mustang Supersite.
  • - Mustang site geared toward late models. A good visit for those 2007+ GT/CS owners.
  • - List of project Mustangs for sale, from basket cases to projects that just never got finished. They even have a GT/CS in there occasionally. A good place to bookmark if you're in the market for a project Mustang. Also check out the Classic Mustangs Blog.
  • - Discussion group for data and research for 1967 Shelby Mustangs.


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