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Introduction: 1966-1967 High Country Special Mustang

1966 HCS emblem
Before the California Special in 1968, Colorado already had it's own regional Mustang promotion; the High Country Special. In the 60's Ford introduced several limited edition Mustangs to help boost sales in certain regions. One of the very first was the HCS in 1966 & 1967. This limited edition package was designed specifically for the Denver market. The HCS package consisted of two items; special paint and fender badges.

Keeping with the regional theme the paint colors all had names fitting to the Colorado area; Aspen Gold, Columbine Blue, Timberline Green. The brass fender badges featured a mountain skyline with the text "High Country Special"

The HCS package was available on coupes, fastbacks or convertibles and could have any standard Mustang engine, transmission or option. In 1966 there were 333 HCS cars delivered by rail to Colorado and distributed to over 100 Denver dealers. The production number for 1967 increased to 416 cars.

The HCS continued in 1968, but in reality shared nothing but the HCS name with it's earlier 1966-67 cousins. The 1968 HCS was essentially a California Special car that was assigned to the Denver sales district and re-badged as a High Country Special. See the links on the left under "1968 GT/CS & HCS" for more info.

Following is an outline of the special features found on 1966-1967 High Country Specials. For a more detailed explanation please select the HOW TO IDENTIFY link from the list on the left.


  • Only 3 colors available: Columbine Blue, Aspen Gold or Timberline Green
  • Brass "shield" emblem on front fenders
  • All body styles, engines and options available (unlike 1968 HCS. See below)
  • Built only at San Jose plant
  • 333 '66 HCS cars produced (per Bob Teets)
  • 416 '67 HCS cars produced (per Bob Teets & Kevin Marti)
For more detailed info see the HOW TO IDENTIFY section.


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