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04/02/2005, 05:09 PM
I have been working on the taillights for a while now trying to get the bulbs out without ruining the sockets. Patience, liquid wrench, patience, a small screw driver, patience, pliers, patience and patience were my tools.

I finally got them all out today but now have a new task. How do I refurbish these sockets? I found an old string regarding this topic but it only refers to an article in one of Pauls books.

Can anyone help me out?

04/03/2005, 08:22 PM
Uh, that's kinda like: "WAAY gross", but here is the short answer.

If you can get one of those sockets out of the T-Bird housing, take it to a Ford restoration shop or Mustang store, and match it up with a new bulb socket. I found that (I think?) late 1950's Ford pickup taillight pigtasils and sockets will work--but you MUST be sure of the polarity when wiring it to your original (T-Bird) 3-bulb harness.

Once you get a set (6?), take a Dremel tool and grind out the crud--or use sandpaper to clean that up--WITHOUT enlarging the holes for the sockets. This is where the ground contact is made (socket to housing).

A lot more on this in the new book.

Paul N.

04/04/2005, 12:12 PM
Paul has a great idea. However, when I traveled to the Ford store, they found nothing to replace it. Therefore, I went to an Advance Autoparts store and bought a replacement in the self help area. Not exactly original but they do work.

I would try Paul's idea first, then, if you need a fall back, this may work.


04/05/2005, 07:11 AM
Thanks Guys
I was able to clean most of that out with a dental tool and some wd-40. The pins in the bottoms still have no spring. Maybe they will start to after the wd-40 soaks in for a little while.
Just to be clear, you are suggesting swapping the complete sockets and then making certain they are clean for good ground contact?

PB gtcs
04/11/2005, 03:12 PM
I can tell you that I remember us fighting this for some time. If you are going to switch, then to me, go new. Paul and I found a set that fit perfectly right on the "Help" section, had the new spring, worked right out of the box. The trick was getting the old ones out. We got advice on this site to have courage and just remove them from the back. We cringed when we did it, but it worked. Its nice to have new working sockets. Keep in mind, you may get the insides very clean, but if the outside is also corroded, you may have problems with ground and never get a brite lite. Good luck.