View Full Version : GT/CS Owner History

04/13/2005, 10:49 AM
I know I am probably asking the "Holy Grail" question here - but how do you find the owner history of your GT/CS? I have papers on the original owner, and papers on the owners from 1996 to present. But I loose the trail between 69 and 96. I cant find the original owner or 96 owner names anywhere on the web to call them and ask. My next try is to send a request to the California DMV (the car spent its entire life in LA), but their forms seem to only find data back to the 90's (I guess the rest is in file drawers or microfiche). Anybody ever try this successfully - any ideas? Casey

04/13/2005, 03:35 PM
When I first got my GT/CS I called DMV to find out info on my car. I can only be vague here because I didn't persue it.
I was told there is a form you can fill out, spend the money, and they will do a title search digging into microfish and their past records to find what info if any is still there. No gaurantees.
Hope this gives you a little to work on.
Good Luck.