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05/30/2005, 08:25 AM
Looking for any ideas on how I can get my trunk lid to seal properly. Lid is warped a bit on the left dirvers side and allows water into the trunk. Have thought about using a small piece of vacum hose to try and expand the trunk seal? Any other ideas would be appreciated. Thanks.

Don :'(

05/30/2005, 12:22 PM
Temporary fix but it will work. I used this one with high temp gasket sealer to get the BBQ smoker lid to seal.

I would use clear silicone. Run a bead along the trunk lid edge where it does not seal and is leaking. Put a piece of saran wrap on top of it. Close your deck lid until it just makes contact to get an impression. Then go just a little bit farther without closing the lid completely. Open the deck lid and let it dry. Remove the saran wrap and presto. A custom fit seal for your deck lid. Depending on how careful you are doing this you can do so without having it too ugly.

Maybe not the best idea, but sometimes the bad ones lead you to the good ones.
Good Luck.

06/01/2005, 03:00 PM
Not really a quick fix and I don't know if it was done to trunk lids, but I know many Shelby restorers would take the fiberglass hoods, support each end with a sawhorse and place weights in the middle. Shelbys hoods have the common problem of bowwing in the middle and this is how they fix it, they do however say they place very little weight on it and leave it for up to 6 months.


06/01/2005, 05:34 PM
Almost all the GT/CS decklids seem to have a little too much bend to them. Doug is right that placing a weight on the lid will eventually bend it back into shape, Corvette guys do that all the time. Also check to see it the panel has pulled loose from the frame. If it has then you may just need to glue it back together.

Another option is to ever-so-gently bend the top of the rear fender upwards with a hydraulic ram. The ram idea scares the heck out of me because pushing too hard will cause all sorts of horrible problems. One of the recent issues of the automotive restoration magazine shows how to do it on a GT/CS. If you go this route you may want to take it to your body shop and have them give the fender a push, then if they wrinkle it they get to fix it.