View Full Version : Consumer issue, NPD vs. Mustangs Unlimited

02/09/2007, 03:51 PM
I had very different experiences with two parts suppliers that I would like to pass on.
I ordered a pair of Ivy Gold kick panels from NPD and they arrived a few days later, but were not a good match (either to the originals or the newer seat covers). NPD credited my account immediately and told me to dispose of the panels. I was impressed. I then ordered the panels from Mustangs Unlimited and sure enough, they came in same way: did not match, poor quality. I reported it and they agreed to refund me the cost of the panels, less S&H, and I would have to send them back at my cost. I was willing to send them back, but refused to pay for the costs, as a matter of principle. After talking to a supervisor for a while, and his presumabley looking at my purchase record with them, he reluctantly agreed to do what NPD did.
I don't mean for this to sound like a whine, but wanted to pass along info for those of you who are still doing business online with parts houses.
If anyone would like to have these kick panels, I will be happy to send them along, at my cost.