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Fred got to see it in person. I totally respect his findings. Sounds like a lot of work. The accent stripe even though indicated on the Marti may or may not have been applied at the factory. Stuff happens. The real interesting stuff is the paint. Witness lines are gone on the scoops. It definitely appears to have had a repaint. Now in my case that is not a deal breaker and to me does not affect the value of the car. The mechanical unknowns are a huge problem. A car you cannot at least drive is a HUGE unknown. And boy would I want to inspect the underside! That is where the real bucks can be sucked out of your wallet.

All said in my mind this Mustang would cross the block at a max of $60k with a quality restoration. For a buyer who can do most of the work by themselves, including Sheetmetal repair it could be an investment if they always wanted one and plan to keep it.

But keep in mind as time marches on that bottom may start to fall out of the muscle cars. Kinda like the little T-Birds from 55 to 57. So if you are just holding on to a car for it to appreciate, it may backfire.

If you are going to go underwater in a car it might as well be a rare one. I just did a customer car that was a 68 Mustang coupe with the 200 and a 3 speed manual. Pretty much the bottom of Mustang value. The owner is underwater but does not mind. I told the owner up front that his would happen.

Sometimes it is not all about the money. The asking price on this car is too high for sure. But someone with deep pockets and little knowledge will more that likely snap it up. I try to help people value their Mustangs for sale. I am always low and tell them "who am I to tell you not ask way more".

Drive them enjoy them and forget about the money somewhat. Of course that comes from a guy that pretty much does all his own work.

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