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To me, the plus of a 302 is the 4BBL carb & intake over the 289/2BBL setup, and the 3:00 rear gear ratio. This car in question is not particularly well optioned- P/S & tinted glass. No A/C, P/B, console, which are options I like.
When I do a Mustang, I need to keep the cost at a level not to exceed fair market value. That way I have a hobby that pays for itself (not counting any labor- that's the 'hobby' part of what I do.) Truth be known, my enjoyment is in the re-doing of these cars- moreso than driving them!
This GT/CS represents a total re-do, and I'm doubtful it could meet my criteria of keeping within fair marketable value guideline at the asking price + shipping + parts & materials. But that's just me.


PS: I hate these super wide screen posts. Can't see/read complete screen!!
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