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04/15/2005, 09:15 PM
my wife and i just got home from visiting some friends that we see about twice a year. one of these friends works in new product development for ford motor company in dearborn michigan. to make a long story short.... i worked the new mustang into conversation, then came the GT/CS and the possibilites of a new california special. he was quite surprised that i knew of any possiblities of this version of the mustang appearing again in the future. i told him about everybody on this forum being excited about the posibilities. he said that he couldn't tell me any confidential ford info. or details. he said he could lose his job if he did. but.... he did tell me that we could very well have good reason to be very excited in the near future! he did confirm to me that ford did indeed purchase the california special and GT/CS name.
this guy is an extremely honest person and would have no reason to string me along to get me worked up about a new GT/CS. this news coming from this particular person gave me very good reason to be excited about a new GT/CS.
maybe i should have taken a case of beer with me!

04/15/2005, 10:37 PM
Great news!!
You could always visit him again, and I am sure a case of beer wouldn't hurt losen some more info out of him. I will keep my hopes up, although if it is anything like the new "Shelby" I will be disappointed. But we can always dream.


04/16/2005, 04:27 AM
that is good news but unless they put some side scoops on it I will be disappointed. I have been thinking of getting a company car for my business so this still might be some thing I purchase anyway.

04/18/2005, 04:38 AM
I bought the May 05 Motor Trend magazine with the Shelby GT500 on the cover. I wanted to read about the car and what Ford said about the design. I thought it was interesting that SVT stated why they did not put on a side scoop " we could've put side scoops on it, but there was no need for them, and we didn't want to just tack on a nonfunctional piece."
If I am not mistaken, wheren't the convertible Shelby's sidescoops nonfunctional? And what does that say about them being on a potential GT/CS?


04/18/2005, 08:30 AM
If thats the reason for not putting the scoops... i think thats pretty stupid. I think that the scoops on the GT/CS's make them look way better than a regular 68...i also think that putting scoops on the new mustang would improve its look too. Just because they won't be functional isnt a good reason for not putting them on. They should put them on because it would make the car look better, more like a real 1968 GT/CS.

04/18/2005, 08:44 AM
Ford has been putting non-functional scoops on sides of mustangs for years (actually from day 1)- why? because they look good. Someone made the call not to, and now their PR is dealing with the bad decision with a set answer. Lets hope they listen to the customer and add scopes to some versions. Casey

04/18/2005, 11:01 AM
See the posting on page 3:;action=display;threadid=1490

Covers many of the areas on the new Cobra Shelby. Seems Ford has jumped on the band wagon to make money. Interesting to read Paul's comments on the possible future GT/CS.


04/18/2005, 06:58 PM
Remember when they put "horizonal" taillights on the '83 (??).
Ford got so much mail that they had to make them vertical.

So....go figure.

BTW--I've seen side scoops on the racing '05 Mustangs. They must do something!

Paul N.