View Full Version : Carlisle Car Show

06/02/2005, 04:57 PM
:o Carlisle is featuring BOSS'S this year and they expect to have around 300 of them. Last year the spectators could park on the fair grounds . Not this year every thing and spot is sold out. The trailer parking is only 10 wide with about 4 inces on either side of the tires. A person can't even open the side doors to the trailer. To tell you the truth it is a mess.

06/04/2005, 05:13 PM
It rained all day on Friday. and I ran across Tony Branda and I mentioned about the tail light harness and he said that he has a place that makes up the wiring harnesses. Maybe that can help somebody. He said just to give him a buzz.
Sat was clouded and the sun came out after lunch. I was away from my car a little while and when I came back I had a note on the windshield saying that I got something but I won't find out until tomorrow. Most of the spectactors were mustang knowledgable and they knew what a HCS was, a few didn't. I ran across a 390 from Long Island which isn't registered with Pauls book. I finally convinced him to join. I tried to buy the car but it was a little hight. He had a Marti report. If he gets on the website ,I hope that he gets in touch with me.

06/04/2005, 05:18 PM
I heard that Shelby owner had his car stolen and he was checking car shows for the car. He found it and called the police and they arrested the man. I don't know if he stole it or purchased it but any way he's in trouble.