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GT/CS for Parts on Ebay

A GT/CS "parts car" is on Ebay under Mustang parts cars. Starting price is $1.00!! The Ebay item number is 4573568413. Most of the CS items are missing, but it does have the front inner fenders which should have the VIN. FYI.
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Re:GT/CS for Parts on Ebay

Looks like the front fender aprons that would have the VIN are gone. Didn't see them in any photos. She's really in bad shape. Makes me want to rescue her but I think she's too far gone. :-[
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Re:GT/CS for Parts on Ebay

You are right about the inner fenders. My money says that someone took this car's VIN numbers and switched the numbers onto a better '68 coupe body. It's too bad that the original body wasn't restored with the parts.
Oh well, :'(
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Re:GT/CS for Parts on Ebay

Guys, I'm the one that bought the GT/CS. It was pretty much stripped for all it was worth by the time I bought it, but it still had a nice set of fenders, the T-10 and some other decent parts.

For a fact, the guy I bought it from re-bodied it a onto another 68 coupe he got from CA. Told me point blank what he did. The car was a J-code 3-speed car, pretty sure it was Highland green, as that was the only dark green available in '68. Manual steering and brakes, black interior. The green it was repainted looks like '71 Grabber Green metallic.

Honestly, I really can't blame him though it is totally illegal, as this car is in a serious world of hurt. It had been hit very hard on the driver's side front at one time and poorly repaired. The whole front frame section is swayed over, you can actually see an arc in the rails. The firewall is wrinkled badly between the fender apron and the column. Shock towers are badly cracked, torque boxes and rails are rotted, quarters are bad.

This car used to be owned by a friend of a friend back in the late 80's. He bought it from Mustangs Unlimited.

I've sold a bunch of the parts that were left, made a couple bucks to support my hobby. I'll put this one to rest soon, it had a hard life. I will have some of the parts on eBay soon, my username is Hemikiller1. I'll be auctioning off the taillight panel, glass and some other misc. pieces.

If the GT/CS registrar wishes, I will try to get the VIN# so that it can be properly noted in the registry that it's a rebody.
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Re:GT/CS for Parts on Ebay

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Re:GT/CS for Parts on Ebay

Knowing the VIN would be nice for the registry if possible. Casey
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Re:GT/CS for Parts on Ebay

[quote author=jbsteven link=board=1;threadid=2109;start=0#msg15167 date=1128804182]
Harsh...raise it from the dead...dude! Contact Mustangs unlimited and get the numbers..track down the original owner ...go...
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