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  • Are there any GT/CS frames left? If so, I'd love to buy one.
    Josh (747Driver)
    Email: upsmd11@Mac.com
    You can contact me personally at president@norcal-saac.org about the upcoming SAAC 35 and Mini GT/CS convention.

    Hi Casey. my son came home with a 07 Shelby 500. It has a heavy duty suspension and he changed the blower. Right now he has 727 HP to the rear wheels. I will not drive it.
    Last year at the AACA show they had a car auction and they had 17 Hertz shelbys. I think that they only sold one . They never cleaned the cars up and they sure were dirty. Every one of them had Cal license on.
    Hi Bob,

    Everyone is frustrated that the book has not come out yet, including me. That causes some to share their concerns in non-constructive manners and in public forums. I have taken the attitude that the book will come out when it is ready - its just taking a lot longer than we all thought. So, I am keeping the faith, and trying to stay constructive with the whole thing. I do know the material in the book is phenominal - once it arrives. Thanks, Casey
    Hello. Casey:
    I see the bickering argument is still ragging between PMN and some members.
    I am beginning to wonder is this book will ever come see the day of light."I was troubled when I saw a post that some people were pulling out and wanted their information deleted from his book.
    I do not want to take sides. I only want to get my book so I can educate my self on buying a 1968 1/2 GT/CS. The book sounds so good ,however the date line for publishing keeps changing.
    Please can you give me you take on this situation. It has been over a year and I have maintained a positive attitude despite the flip plops on the forum.
    Bob Geco
    I would like to order 2 frames for the 1968 GTCS. How do I pay for them? Please send me a PM with the information.
    Thank you
    Bob Geco
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