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  • Hey Sheryl, just seeing this. Everything was corrected by replacing the bulbs with plasma LED's and repairing the grounds. The ground system is garbage! My guess is the grounds were the problem and repairing them was really the trick. I screwed the ground straight to one of the ribs on the housing. Yeah, not concourse, but who's gonna see it. But, the LED's are bright and look great. Thanks!
    Hey Batgirl89. I recently found a thread about a brake light problem you had some years ago. I am having the exact same problem. Reading through your thread, I don't see what really fixed it. Can you elaborate for me please and thanks!...Ricky
    Wow what a GEM of a car. I bought my 1st stang 3 years ago. A Gulfstream aqua straight 6 car in near mint condition. 4 ponys later and my stang hunger still isn't satisfied lol. That and ivy gold are my favorite colors. So you could say I'm Gulfstreamed with envy....lol. congrats to you and john.

    Can't wait to see the progress you make on the car. And he'll yea save that shroud. I wouldn't have known either. For sure I'd drive it around for a while in the condition it's in. I love it....great find at a Gem of a price !!!! Ed.
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