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  • Ralph, my computer is down and I need to get a new one so I can't check the Official Registry. Arlie Moses and Marty Rupp are tending the registries until I can fix the problem. Thanks, Mike.
    Hi Mike, Ralph Powell here. I just came across a 68 GT/CS here in Beaverton Oregon that I don't see in the registry. The vin is: 8RO1J155935. Could you re check and see if it is there? I appreciate your help.
    Ralph Powell
    Late post from the HCS Registry: a question on the number of HCS vehicles residing in PA.

    According to the information in Bob Teets' registry, there is one 1966, two 1967s, and one 1968, although some of the last information on these vehicles was in the early 2000s. Hopefully this helps.....
    Hi Mike, On the registry, there is a number missing from my VIN it shows 8R01J14036. It should say 8R01J140036 Thanks.......
    Hi Mike,

    This is Daniel Lee in Alameda, Ca. I have a 68 HCS (although one would not know by looking at the car) its a C code car with auto. The car was in this year's calendar. I saw that you located also in California. I would like come to your place one day to see your 68 Cal Special if you are not too far away.

    By chance do you know if Penn. has any other hcs in the state? I asked Bob Teets but his health isn't to good. I talk with him a lot. I attended the MCA Ohio show several years ago and ran across one.

    I registered my CS last night and it shows with Marchal fogs. My car has Lucas fogs. It may have just been a fat finger issue. :grin: How do I get this corrected?

    Bruce Wertman
    Hello Mike,
    I just purchased a gt/cs, the vin# is 8R01C149889. Im not sure what other information you need.
    Miguel Victor
    Hi Mike, I was just looking at my registry entry, which I originally did through Paul M. Newitt, which I did before his book came out. I would like to update that info so it is complete.
    Registry number C150897
    My fill name is Charles Putnam
    The full VIN is 8R01C150897
    Also this car would have had the Lucus fogs as it is a later model with the surface mounted reflector, which would have been after the Marchall fog lights.
    Charles Putnam
    Hi Mike the information on our HCS is incorrect in registry. I tried to change it but could not. Marty Rupp
    Hello Mike,
    I just registered my CS VIN and well, after reviewing it I noticed I goofed on the original owner which should be "NO" and my fog lights are "LUCAS" not Marchal. I guess for security reasons I need to contact you? Can u change or reset those fields for me?
    Thank in advance,
    Celestino (Rick) Herrera
    VIN C170407
    Thanks for the heads up. I do have J155553 in the Registry. Don't have the Marti Report yet though. That was cool they had the HC banner on display. Thanks again. MIke
    A the Carlisle show a GTCS was for sale. The vin 8R01J155553. The vin on the dash was missing but he had a Marti report. ???? The had a assigned parking places. After they parked me I looked up and they had an HIGH COUNTRY banner attached from the ceiling and that was a surprise.
    Hi I also need to sell my convertible would the Admin be ok with a post for a 68 convertible?
    email me the info, mikej@bigbytes.com, and I will update it. The Online Registry is locked and Jon Hanna is the only one who can update it. You can PM him as well, but I still need the new info for My Registry. I will also email Jon to update the info you send me. Mike
    Hi, I want to update the registry information for GTCS VIN 8R01C157334. How can I go about doing that.

    Hey Mike what's yer email...was going to share a few pics with you and say thanks for meeting up last week with the fog lights. rather not post pics in the forum....they are of my hood markings if u are still interested in documenting them...Ed.
    Mike, can you give me Paul Newitt's e-mail address? I want to get a Registry windshield decal for my GT/CS.

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