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  • No I have nothing to do with ownership of this site.I just place link to ads advertising a gt/cs OR HCS to help people get the car they want.
    classicguy I am new to this site I see you name in allmost all of the classified adds do you own this site? Neil 2
    Thanks for the update and yes Contact Pat,she is a nice person and tell them that it was me who sent you since Pat and Merv did the sheetmetal work on that car. I am glad that you can do it yourself ,wish I had that ability!! I am glad that you got the car and its in Colorado!! Keep me posted!
    Hey Luis - I've been on the road a while but thanks for the contact info at Classic Creations. I'll get ahold of Pat...hopefully this week. Yep, I plan to do all the work myself as I've done a few cars over the years and this one doesn't look too scary. :) I'll definitely keep you posted on the progress. Right now I'm trying to get some other things out of the way (fixing my racing Jeep) then I'm going to jump on it. The car is now in CO. It likes it here. :)
    Contact Pat rego at Classic creations,she is the wife of owner and maybe she has some pictures of th Restoration. Sounds like a good plan with car. I was going to restore it back to original since I am a purist and the car is rare J-code 4 speed are very rare. Let me know if I can be of any assistance and keep me posted with progress. are you going to do the work yourself? Is the car in Missouri??
    Thanks for that information. I'll get ahold of Classic Creations to see what they may have. My plans are to go 95% original as I would like to retain its value. I may change the original stance just a bit and add a front spoiler. A stroker & cam kit to the engine and that's about it really. But first I'm going to strip it down and soda blast it to see what I can't see yet. After that, I'll tear into the firewall (replace it) and most likely the dash as it is also rusted out in places.
    Dont have much history on this car,bought it when I saw it here at the classified ads of this forum since it was VERY ROUGH and was outside in the elements for years. It had no engine but had the transmission. It was rare since its a J-code 4 speed car. Non GT. Its lime gold with ivy gold interior from factory. Bought a correct 302 engine from aJ-code 1968 Mustang from a membre of this forum. Took car to Classic Creations in Central Florida to do the sheet metal work and when it was done decided to sell due to my girlfriend health problem and Paul bought it. I tried to check if I had any pictures of restoration but I changed my internet provider and all were erased. Maybe Classic Creations has some pictures. PM here if you have any questions. What are your plans for the car?
    Hi Luis, Glad to see you back here again. So if you have a minute can you give some background on your old lime green CS that I now have in my garage? :) Thanks!
    Dave: Congratulations on your purchase,its a great project and I know Classic Creations did a great job with the sheet metal work. I dont know if I have pictures but will check out my old e mails and get back at you. I will tell you what I know about the car later but not much. Regards
    Hi classicsguy. I'm pretty sure I have your old GT/CS as I just recently purchased it from Paul. I found your posting from when the car was in Lakeland and was wondering if you had any other photos of the sheetmetal working or any other photos period. I'm also wondering about the history of the car so if you have anything in regards to that I'd be very greatful. Thanks! Dave
    Hi, I saw you have a marti report on the 67 HCS that I bought. Do you by chance still have a copy of that? Let me know. Thanks, Wally 785 639 5180 or wallaceandkaren@yahoo.com
    Well after talking to both owners of the two cars a asked you about, I think I have made a decision. As it turns out, there is rust on the J code car and it needs the front end rebuilt. Also the air conditioning does not work properly. He also said he will not come down a penny less than 16K. That is 2K above my budget and the car needs some work. He also mentioned the drivers seat is torn. So even though the car would be worth more in the end, I just do not have the funds to pay for the car and do the work it needs. I also talked to the owner of the red car and the car is rust free and the paint is in very nice condition. The car needs no work at all and we have arrived at a tentitive deal contingent on me inspecting and driving the car of 12K. That is a 4K difference just in the cost of the cars. So, since my funds are so limited, and the price is right, I think I am going to have to go with the red car as long as it is as described. Thanks for all your help. Mike
    Concering the message below about the red GT/CS in Santa Clara. You also posted the other one I am looking at down in the Inland Empire that is seafoam green. The green one is loaded but is not the best color, has a vinyl top and non original license plate. Also, even though he has offered it to me for the same price they are asking for the red one, it is still $2K over my budget. I doubt he will come down any lower, but do you think the red one would come down substantially if I told him about the price on the green one? Or should I even bring it up to him? Neither car is my exact choice as I am partial to either highland green or the medium blues, but finding my perfect car for my low budget is seeming to be impossible. I like the red exterior better than the seafoam green, but I like the black interior on the green one better than the red interior on the red car. The only real advantages of the red car are the one owner, original black license plate and no vinyl top. So HELP
    What do you think of the price of the one in Santa Clara? I have been looking at it and another one in SOCAL. The one in SOCAL is a J code with all the options except the center console. It does have the upper console though. It is Seafoam green, always garaged with good paint, no rust and in pretty nice shape for a driver. The price is the same as the red one in Santa Clara that is a C code with no options other that power steering. Seafoam green not beeing my favorite color is the only down side to the one in SOCAL, but it is probably worth more. What do you think a fair price is for both cars. Do you think the red one is a bit high for a base C Code? Both are just out of my price range as you know. So I was wondering, knowing my limited budget, which would you go for? Any advice would be much aprreciated.


    I will let you know for sure next week...I might be purchasing another GT/CS and selling the project that I am working on ( the one that needs gas cap) I will let you know for sure next week. Thanks for your follow up!!

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