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  • Great seeing you too. Sorry we didn't get to spend time talking more. Hope you guys had a good trip back. Left early because of the rain forecast. Hit a bad pocket of rain/wind for 10 miles. Don't want to experience that again! Two hands and holding on tight during that time. Great weather the rest of the way.
    Congrats on 2nd place! Nice job - well deserved!
    Hopefully we'll see each other next year - debating on taking my 96 GT next year instead of the CS - we'll see.
    I was looking at the Virginia show but don't know that I can make it.
    Tell your friend no problem on the cap! I didn't realize I didn't have it until after walking around taking pictures ... I just came down the big hill from taking pictures and realized it was missing. Figured I dropped it while taking pics over the hill. Retraced my steps for a few minutes but figured it wasn't worth looking for that long. I'll get pics posted soon. I haven't gone through them all yet. I'll email you my address separately.

    Great to see you this past weekend! BTW, my friend apologizes for forgetting to give you back your camera lense cover, he had stuck it in his pocket so he wouldn't drop it. We stopped by Sunday morning, but you had already left. Send me an address and I will put it in the mail ASAP. Talk to you soon. Are you coming down for the MCA show in Virginia Beach in August?
    Yes Rich , I went thru the entire gallery and your car stands out. Only one other car comes close out of all of them. I did find a way to download off here but I would love to have the full size pics. You did a great job and should be justifiably proud of a car like that. I would love to get mine there some day also. I do have a fast connection but sometimes they wont accept large photos in email. If you have a site with the full size photo's I would be very appreciative. I think us guys who have competed in concours can really appreciate your car. tthanks Rich
    I have been lookig for pics of engine compartment that were stock ,,or nicely restored and yours are excellent. I wonder if I could get a full size copy of your engine compartment pics ? Nice car! I would like to use them for placing decals and reference if its ok, my email is spanzer@silverlink.net
    Happy Birthday to you Rich!! Tellin' ya now because I will be taking a few days off and away from any computer. I didn't want to miss out on the party!

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