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  • Hey Arlie,
    My USPS tracker says the package I sent you was delivered. Can you confirm it?
    From Corpus Christi, Texas
    Hi Arley, Ralph Powell "Powell" here. I have tried to e-mail you with no response,so here goes on the GT/CS site. I came across a 68 GT/CS here in Beaverton Or. that I don't think is in the registry, but am not real savey about the search part of the web site. The Vin of this car is: 8R01J155935 It appears to be the genuine article with pretty much stock appearance. Let me know if you find anything else out about this car.
    Got the lids today/ Hope that you are satisfied with the watch. Keep up the good work on the website site/
    I'll take the tail light panel off your hands if you still have them? I just found out I am missing the majority of mine. I could send you some $ via Paypal to help with S&H.
    I remember a thread where members were talking about the 428 cars. Are they all accounted for? I got some info on a white one today. He said it was white with a red stripe in Utah.
    Thanks Arlie, My Address is Bret Cooley 15103 173rd ave se Monroe, Wa. 98272, Your a lifesaver.. Let me know about shipping. Thanks Again

    I received my Ipod...er Radio knobs today. Thank you! Very good condition and now the console resto is complete so I can listen to good ol talk radio!
    Does the front of the air cleaner have a "front" decal or is that for the 67's. The decal on the left side of the air cleaner is the long autolite or short one? Also what decal went on the left valve cover? Emission or service specs. Is there a decal on the power steering pump? Detailing under the hood. If I was to paint the fan shroud would that be flat black? I used some plastic paint, but it was gloss black. You seem so knowledgable. I have been refering to the registry, but couldn't find this info.
    Thanks, Dom
    If you do decide to sell your cal special, let me know, and what you feel you need on money to buy it. (I bet you could keep both cars. Logic vs emotion Which will win out? Lol) Thanks, Doc
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