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  • Hi Ralph, That is the Nevada County Superior Court, contact phone number is 530-265-1311. Hope all turns out well. Mike
    Hi Ralph, That is a bummer about the citation. Where did it happen, It should say on the citation. You want to look at the citation because there should be a court date and time on the citation usually near the bottom above where you signed. If not, you will want to contact the court clerk at the court house with jurosdiction. If no court date, let me know where the citation was written and I'll try to determine the court you need to contact and send you and address and phone number. Hope your trip home was good other than that. It was nice to meet you and your wife. If there is anything I can help you with, please feel free to ask. Mike
    The Holiday Inn in Auburn is perfect!
    That will be a much easier drive for you :) I will followup soon with precise directions. Once again; we are so thrilled you are coming :)

    I don't have access to the painted engine dress up kits. Both of my suppliers only carry the silver colored dress up kits. Thanks for checking with me.


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