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  • Luis

    I bought mine from Tony Branda. Fit was as soon as you can expect. Some trimming required but I still think it is a good piece.

    Hi: I was told by Arlie that you replaced the trunk lid on your GT/CS .Who did you buy it from? Tell me about fit and finish. A lot of people recommend Tony Branda but looking for other opinions. Thanks

    I don't have them here either. I have sold my Cal Spec to a member on site. I would do a search on the forum. I am almost sure someone has posted that before. If you can not find it, place a post on the forum site and someone will place the deminsions on for you.

    Sorry I can't be must help. My car leaves tomrorow to head to California to the new owner. I have boxed everything up.

    Good luck.

    I don't have Paul N's book, although I signed up to get his new edition,so what are the demension on where to put the stripes.

    george K (gr8hands@msn.com)
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