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GT/CS Convertible for Sale


Well-known member
Jan 18, 2005

From the Seller
1968 Mustang Convertible - California Special Tribute

Here we have a beautiful 68 Mustang 289 convertible, Auto WITH AC!! It has been made into a wonderful example of what could have been. Ford never offered a CS convertible, but if they had it would look a lot like this one. This car is highland green (of Bullitt fame) and has the saddle interior, roll car, soft top and tonneau cover. A classic 60's color combo for sure! 1968 Mustang GT wheels adorn all four corners, the Shelby style rear trunk lid and tail lights are a perfect compliment for this CS conversion or just take it the rest of the way and make it into a Shelby GT350 clone! All parts are available on the aftermarket. Born as a early 68 289/2v, it has been upgraded with an Edelbrock intake and carburetor, headers, dual exhaust and quad GT exhaust tip out the correct FoMoCo rear valance. Power options include power top, Tilt-Wheel, rare deluxe interior, updated AM-FM Cassette radio and Air Conditioning. The car has manual drum brakes and manual steering, which in these small block Gen I Mustangs is never a problem - very easy to drive. The body and paint on this car is very high quality driver level - nearly show. The car has had new floors installed as well. The body panels are very straight with good gaps, the doors do not drop when you open them and the paint reflections are wonderful. The previous owner spent a ton of money to get this car where it is today. ZERO rust anywhere, runs and drives great and everything seems to be functional although the AC seems a little weak, I believe it's still running the old R12 so perhaps a conversion to R134 will help that.

I have a link to 180 pictures, if you're interested please reach out to me - thanks!!


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