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  • Dave - It should be right under your text description box (above your existing photos) This is on the edit gallery page. There is a max of 20 images per gallery, but sounds like you deleted a couple to make room.

    Also, don't forget about the new Garage feature. It's similar to the Gallery, but with much more detail and is searchable. Here's more info: http://californiaspecial.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8953
    Hi Jon I'm trying to add some more photo's to my gallery page but I can't seem to find where to add photo's. I deleted a couple of older photo's to make room for newer ones but don't see how to attach them.
    Your Garage looks great Ralph. If it was hard to put up you can't tell by the results.:wink:
    Jon, I think I created mygarage, was not sure how well it came out, but that is my try. I did have to re-size the jpg's inorder to post. I think this is a great addition to the site!


    Ralph Powell
    OK, I've added them at the bottom of the list. Not sure how many Canadians we have, but I know there are a few. Hope that helps.
    Give it a shot now Shane. I didn't get your email though. What address did you send it to?
    Jon, I sent an e-mail yesterday. Don't know if it got through. Arlie let me know that my PM function is not activated. I was able to PM prior to my registration activation which you helped me with but now not able to PM or receive messages. Any help appreciated. I went to User CP and tried to activate through there but to no avail.Thanks, shane

    My wife is working on a Mustang calendar (for our club) and asked me to see if I could find out who printed our CS one. It is very well made! Thanks!
    JBART - Sorry. I didn't see your calendar question until just now. It looks like you got it fixed. If not PM me. Thanks!

    Someone deleted my post in a tread about the carburetor were I was looking for. Neil started this tread, and I answered a few days ago, now is my answer deleted. Do you know why, because I think I did not hurt someone with my question/ answer.

    Thanks Reiny
    the events calendar has the chrome in the dome (march) as fri sat and sun
    i put in fri, sat, not sun. i can't seem to fix it
    Maybe the photo is too large. The forum software tries to downsize, but sometimes it's just too much. Email me the photo if you want and I'll take a look. webmaster@californiaspecial.com
    I've been trying to upload a picture to a thread but it keeps telling me it has failed....what now?

    Neil, I've researched this a little more and I think one of the primary purposes is to restrict how other members see your profile details and can contact you.

    If you click on "User CP" and then "Profile Privacy" on the left, you'll see some options. For example you can set that the "Vistor Message" feature (what you and I are using right now) is only available to those on your "Friends" list.
    Neil, to be totally honest I don't really know what the purpose is. It was a feature that came with one of the forum software upgrades (not the latest one, but several months ago) and I just sort of left it active to see how it would be used.

    I don't think you can do anything special with your "friends" like have group PM's or discussions. So maybe it's just an ego boost thing? I don't really know. Maybe I should start a thread on it and see if anyone uses it. If not maybe it should go away. I'm all for streamlining if something isn't needed.
    I placed ad for our Chevy, but I may have gotten it in the wrong place.
    I picked classifieds, but it put it in the forum. Is it supposed to appear there? Sorry if I goofed this up. Can it be moved if need be to the classifieds? If not, just delete it, I don't want any problems Dave
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